Get your custom software written
right - the first time

Your business relies on efficient and robust systems. You need to get your software development right the first time, because downtime is expensive. You need talented experienced software developers who understand your business objectives.

We are focused

We write custom software solutions only on the HTML5 and .NET platform for businesses like yours. We are specialized because you need a solution that's, flexible, scalable, and built to last. Our focus on small business means a cost-effective software solution for you.

We'll help you understand how your custom software application will improve your business. We'll communicate with you in clear and straightforward English - not techno-babble. We understand your need for confidentiality. We're quick to learn your specialty, and we're easy to work with.

At Abacus,
experience counts

Because we develop on the robust .NET platform and omnipresent HTML5 - and only on those platforms - you get master-level developers working on your project. During our analysis stage, you'll have an idea of what can and can't be done. We'll spend the time to answer your questions. If we find that .NET or HTML5 isn't right for you, we will refer to someone who can help you.

We anticipate problems. You may never see them, because we know what to look for and catch and fix them early. Our expertise translates into efficiency for your project. This all adds up to a cost-effective and reliable solution for your business.

What you can expect:
getting started

Getting started is easy. Just contact us for a phone appointment. We'll listen to what want to achieve. If it sounds like a good fit, then we'll set up a needs analysis meeting. We'll get to know each other so we can understand the general scope of the project.

After your initial needs analysis, together, we'll create a project plan. We may look at several alternatives and then decide upon the best solution for your business.

You'll want to know about: how your security needs and sensitive data are to be handled; anticipated length of project, resource needs, length of project, testing, how we set project stages or milestones, quality assurance, avoidance of common problems, and how your solution will be deployed. Clear communication saves time and money.

Each client is different, but you can expect working with us to be easy, efficient, and respectful. Let's talk about your expectations. Call us at 1-631-988-1292 or contact us below.

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